. We understand that for many, the decision to engage a private investigator’s services is not an easy one. Every case is handled with the utmost in confidentiality to respect client privacy. All cases are handled with the best client service possible and we will always keep you informed as your case progresses. If you need a private investigator, contact us today for your free no obligation consultation. We will consider pro bono work if the circumstances warrant.  We are here to help you

McNamara Consulting Services is owned by Tom McNamara, who is personally involved in all cases and clients. The experience we bring to the case is wide and varied.

Private Investigator

     - Insurance Fraud Investigations

     - Criminal/Civil Investigations

     - Missing Child

     - Domestic (cheating spouse/significant other) Surveillance and Investigations

     - Auto Accident Investigations

     - Background Investigations

     - Process Service

     - Corporate Risk Management

     - People/Asset Protection


US Air Force Security Police/Forces: Over twenty-five years of service. All aspects of law enforcement and resource protection.

     - Investigation of criminal activity:

     - Risk Management and Security Training

Defense Intelligence Agency

     - Collection, production and dissemination of intelligence information.

Corporate Security

     - Investigations into employee misconduct.

     - Corporate Security Training (design and conduct....including Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Training)

     - Counterintelligence Program

     - Risk Assessments and recommendations for mitigation.

     - Write company security policies